Lessons I Learnt From My Failures

      I came across a proverb of recent which said that ''for one to move forward one has to learn the mistakes made in one's past failures so one wouldn't repeat those mistakes again hence a forward movement in the direction of success so join me, come along as I share with you [...]

Making Your First Million Is Easy – If You Follow These 5 Steps (3 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest

1. Surround yourself with people who will stretch your mind. What is your dream that is so big that the thought of accomplishing it seems impossible — and maybe even scares you? Do you think you would be more likely to accomplish it if you had a group of advisors who were already playing at [...]

My Real Face – A look on the inside

  It turns up that most of the time we are not who we actually think we are or wish to be, and a close discussion with honest people around you would paint out the picture of what you portray on the outside. What you really are but never had the slightest idea of.   [...]

2018 World Cup Groups are Set

World Cup 2018: The Contending Teams Ready To Battle It Out, Who Is Going To Win The Cup…..?

Office Chatter

DP-Rk-0UQAEyoVm (1)

Today marked the drawing of the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia. Obviously some notable names left out of the draw — United States, Italy, Netherlands, Ghana, Chile — but this is still the biggest competition in the world and thus deserves the attention.

Looking quickly at the draw:

  • Group A is a snoozer. Russia gets the opening World Cup game against…..Saudi Arabia. Horrendous. Uruguay & Russia to qualify.
  • Group B looked to get off to a fast start with Portugal and Spain both being drawn. Iran & Morocco make this a cakewalk for the top two. Spain to qualify first, their neighbors Portugal second.
  • Group C provides a little intriguing options under France. Love to see the Socceroos qualify but I think Denmark has the best shot.
  • Group D looks to be a fun one. Croatia is obviously a talented team but cinderella story Iceland looks to continue…

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Rainbow Around The Sun

halo-solar-5-14-2013-Port-Monmouth-NJ-Stacey-Baker-Bruno-e1368590480927This sheds some light to the mystery of the whirling rainbow I just saw it now!  Jesus is coming soon!


Life Heart and Soul


photo by Rafał Krauze amateur photographer from Poland

Isn’t this an awesome sight? I spoke of seeing a rainbow encircling the sun the other day in conjunction with a post about seeing signs. I have been trying to find a photograph to show something similar to what I saw that day and this is as close as I could come.

At the time I had been thinking about a friend who is going through a very scary time healthwise and also thinking about my own health and saying some prayers for both of us, hoping that she would come through this in good shape and that my concerns would heal as well.  Right then, I looked up in the sky and directly in front of me was a rainbow completely surrounding the mist covered sun.  I could see about 3/4’s of the rainbow, the rest being blocked by a hill. It…

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How to Post on Instagram from a Computer

What an interesting social media hack, simply amazing!


You might be familiar with surfing Instagram from your computer but have you thought about POSTING directly from it?

Because some of us do not own great phone cameras and it’s a real pain to transfer pictures from our camera to our desktop, edit them then re-transfer them to our phone, here are 4 easy ways to post on Instagram from a computer that will save us both time and energy!


Sign in your usual account as if you’re about to surf Instagram then click on F12

The developer view should pop up but don’t worry this has nothing to do with developing.


When you do that, all you have to do is click CTRL + SHIFT + M and the Instagram feed will turn into Mobile view.


See?? Easy Peazy right?! Now just click on the camera icon and post the picture of your choice from your…

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What if I Die, Will you even Cry?

Very Intriguing!

Zartaj Asim

​What ifI die,

Willyou even cry?

With all my crimes

Trapped in time


Slowly, slipping away from life


Your wicked smile

My last beat felt distant

Don’t be a stranger

What? Still can’t recall?

Oh! Those bloody memories

You pulled the trigger

Shot my brain out

But Wait!


Here we are together again

You ended up dead here with me

Hello there!

Don’t be a stranger

You lier,

No tears from your eyes

Even when I died

Ahh! Those Poisoned Lies

Today took your life

Now here we are lying in our graves

Remembering our promises

Up on our gravestones

Falls the heavy rain

Beneath the layers of soil and stones

Here we are in pain

If only, If only we could breath once again

But Here we are in

A Forever Land


With our bleeding hearts and regrets ❤

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THE FOOLISH VERSUS THE WISE -An article for the wise at heart (3 mins read)

             The foolish are not only known for their bad behaviours but also for thier manner of speech and this will be the bowl of contention for today.       Something very funny about the foolish  is the fact that even when they have  the knowledge of the right [...]

A Mushy Love Letter About Blogging — Discover

“I don’t work with brands, I don’t have things to sell, I just like writing things down. So, whilst I’m not going to pretend that I don’t care about numbers and followers, I’ve learnt that, for me, blogging has somewhat transcended all of that.” via A Mushy Love Letter About Blogging — Discover