Lessons I Learnt From My Failures

      I came across a proverb of recent which said that ''for one to move forward one has to learn the mistakes made in one's past failures so one wouldn't repeat those mistakes again hence a forward movement in the direction of success so join me, come along as I share with you [...]


Criminalizing Social Ills

The United States, like all societies, suffers from a range of ills. This include such things as mental illness, homelessness and drug addiction. There are, of course, many ways that these problems could be addressed. Unfortunately, the dominant approach has been to recast these ills as problems to be solved by law enforcement and criminalization.… via [...]


Life is wonderful; life is beautiful; because we all live in a beautiful world. A world filled with trees and beautiful vegetation (which fills the air with fresh breeze). The brightly coloured flowers (such as the exotic blooms of the orchid) and the beautiful landscape with the birds which wake up early in the morning [...]