Lessons I Learnt From My Failures

      I came across a proverb of recent which said that ”for one to move forward one has to learn the mistakes made in one’s past failures so one wouldn’t repeat those mistakes again hence a forward movement in the direction of success so join me, come along as I share with you the corrections to my past failures perhaps they might be of help to you someday! Hey come along here they are:

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  • Every step in life requires prayer.
  • To achieve success a conscious effort must be made towards it, a drive and pursuit for it relentlessly. 
  • Aiming higher is better than not aiming at all or aiming lesser.
  • When you make an aim move don’t remain stagnant!.
  • Let your aim sink into your senses.
  • Have faith! (the Bible says that a faith  as tiny as a monster seed can move mountains how much more your aims to its fulfillment).
  • A feeling of progress enhances progress itself hence a feeling of lack of progress hampers progress.
  • Don’t worry to much about anything because it wouldn’t change anything.
  • Learn to let things go (the pains of your past failures, your mistakes, self guilt, friends who disappointed you ….), let go of them and welcome fresh ideas, new people, peace and salvation from God.
  • Laugh! no matter what the situation might be just laugh it off!
  • I also learnt that whenever one has a great idea, a plan or an aim in mind, one shouldn’t go about telling others about it or waiting for the perfect time or suggestions from friends and colleagues that will reduce your passion or discourage you.                                                                                                                                                             Instead, start right away! and when people see you they would be the ones asking you what you’re up to, that way only the right people will come and by then you would have already overcome procrastination, laziness and any form of doubts or fears.
  • Don’t work at the pace of others work at your own pace. In other words stop comparing yourself with others except it strikes a positive change in you. If not run at your own pace.
  • You are not perfect and cannot be perfect. So, instead of you trying to be perfect accept your weakness and work on your strengths.
  • So, if you are not perfect then it is crucial  that you know that no else on this planet is perfect.  Don’t expect anyone to be perfect (not your parents, your siblings or even your best of friends) because we are all human beings and are imperfect in our own ways.                                                                                                                                          So instead of getting angry over the little faults of others or expecting more from them (than they can readily give) resolve with them and help them in any way you can to be better than they were before they came in contact with you. (not forgetting the fact that we are all human beings and are imperfect in our own ways).
  •  Finally, note very importantly, that your life is your own( not your, father’s or your mother’s or your friend’s or any body else), so stop making those excuses and blaming others for your failures. Instead take up responsibility for your decisions, your choices and your life. Your life is in your hands!!!.

             I hope this was helpful to you and anyways if you’ve got some lessons you’ve learnt from life, failures or anything feel free to share it with us @philosophers panel or in the comment box below and do come again some other time till then God bless!.



8 thoughts on “Lessons I Learnt From My Failures

  1. I love inspiration stuff! You are spot on. I love to encourage people and reading this post is like getting a dose of encouragement to fill me up before I go back on the mission field 🙂 Thank you. Blessings.

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