My Real Face – A look on the inside

A look on the inside

  It turns up that most of the time we are not who we actually think we are or wish to be, and a close discussion with honest people around you would paint out the picture of what you portray on the outside. What you really are but never had the slightest idea of.

  Often times your family members, friends and other people around you learn to bear with your illicit and bad attitudes/behavior and would  like every other time not want to hurt your spirit by showing you the real picture of who you really are.


   Some may be afraid , and some just feel like it is a waste of time since they have tried time without number to convince you or change your wrong perspectives of life. Only to end up in the school of thought that ”you are stony-hearted and would never change.”

   But I believe there is a better side to you even though you find it the most difficult thing to believe. The truth remains that every living being on this earth has a ”good side” and a ”bad side.”  A quick and  effective link I would suggest would be that you should accept Jesus into your life that way you won’t have to stress yourself working out the formula of a better you because there are some secrets which are left unhidden to only those who believe in christ Jesus.The Master Key To Life Puzzles

  But if you feel its better trying the other method of solving the hard maths to find the hidden solutions then come along. Even though your ”bad side” is  just too predominant in most cases, you would have to look inside if at all you would like your good side to be unlocked.

   In other words, until you discover your ”bad side” (i.e your wrong attitudes and behaviors) and put it aside, you will be unable to find your better side and recover all lost glory. Because, ”until a problem is discovered it’s solution remains pointless.”

   So it is still possible to change the ‘gameplay’ and make your good side  dominant in almost all areas of your life and daily activities. If only you would choose to focus more on your strengths and less on your weakness’.

  This simple exercise regulates your everyday life gradually, changes your mentality and almost  every other thing about you. It makes you to see the brighter side of life and your better side.

   A proper routine checkup on what people think about you can give you a clue as to how they see you compared to how you see yourself even though this is not the most efficient way to discover yourself because people often times are self centered and only find it easy to see your faults than your strengths except for some peculiar set of people.

   Finally its high time you look in the mirror and discover whose face is there if it’s yours or that of a monster(off course that’s not yours just fix a nicer look and be too honest with yourself)Who am I ?. You know, the little things we take for granted are the things that matter the most : few words of encouragement, appreciation, good and moral advice, could be some good comments before correction or a compliment, a ”Hi!”, an ”Hello!” or a simple greeting (Good day!) just anything you can do to cheer up somebody, help a needy, participate in community service, enroll as a volunteer to save someone somewhere, anywhere.

  Just ensure that a day does not pass by without you doing something good that will not only make you happy but others around you because it is a very simple way to bring out the brighter side of you. Remember, ”When you make others happy you will be happy with yourself” and this happiness  depicts your better side. So, I guess by now you have discovered how very important the little things we take for granted are. Now, take a deep breadth, view the whole world and your self from a better perspective, pick a brush, a color palate and paint your new picture. #A better side of you.



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