THE FOOLISH VERSUS THE WISE -An article for the wise at heart (3 mins read)

             The foolish are not only known for their bad behaviours but also for thier manner of speech and this will be the bowl of contention for today.       Something very funny about the foolish  is the fact that even when they have  the knowledge of the right [...]


A PLACE IN THE COLD — keithgarrettpoetry

A PLACE IN THE COLD Far away he lives from here, Deep in the North pole is where this man Dressed in red makes his home. So magical a place, no one has seen, Beyond where dreams are made it seems. Reindeer roam around outside, Waiting for the season when they fly through the sky. […] [...]


Life is wonderful; life is beautiful; because we all live in a beautiful world. A world filled with trees and beautiful vegetation (which fills the air with fresh breeze). The brightly coloured flowers (such as the exotic blooms of the orchid) and the beautiful landscape with the birds which wake up early in the morning [...]