What if I Die, Will you even Cry?

Very Intriguing!

Zartaj Asim

​What ifI die,

Willyou even cry?

With all my crimes

Trapped in time


Slowly, slipping away from life


Your wicked smile

My last beat felt distant

Don’t be a stranger

What? Still can’t recall?

Oh! Those bloody memories

You pulled the trigger

Shot my brain out

But Wait!


Here we are together again

You ended up dead here with me

Hello there!

Don’t be a stranger

You lier,

No tears from your eyes

Even when I died

Ahh! Those Poisoned Lies

Today took your life

Now here we are lying in our graves

Remembering our promises

Up on our gravestones

Falls the heavy rain

Beneath the layers of soil and stones

Here we are in pain

If only, If only we could breath once again

But Here we are in

A Forever Land


With our bleeding hearts and regrets ❤

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