The Master Key To Life Puzzles

download (10)Once you know where you are going to your journey becomes much easier only that your feet might just stumble against some obstacles all the way there till you finally reach your home of rest {your destination}. So you see, those little obstacles you face on your way to your destination which is at the peak of your existence is what we can easily term as “the puzzles of life”. So many people have stumbled on their way to the top and have refused to continue their journey taking a walk down the isles of life or some who know walk on the straight panes of life , putting their zest for the top aside. But, you see, this puzzles of life only require a solution and noting more, in fact that indeed is the key to life troubling puzzles, but requires something from you      and that is just providing the right solution to your obstacle. Sometimes people call it problem whichever name what still matters is theimages (28) “solution”.

So many people say greatness has a lot of requirements but really  there is nothing too much to greatness than the quality of the right solutions provided to their respective problems as concerning you and the people around you. As much as all the requirements may be, their sole aim is to make you a solution provider and a problem solver. You know I once thought money was the reason for attraction but I soon discovered that the wealth of problem solving is much greater than what money can really buy. There’s much to solutions than money can even cover at times

A distinguishing factor about solutions is that they are not only limited to the rich but is much available to those who can afford to solve the puzzles of life, because everyone is faced with one problem or the other and the solutions to every one of this problems is what is sought after by men of great wealth and honour but all these soon become the possessions of the solution provider.Activement

Like some wise ones would rightly say it’s all in you, yes! It’s all in you the solutions some if not all to render a helping hand to the much confused ones who are soon giving up on the quest for the top and to enhance those at the top to maintain balance.

The stars and celebrities we most likely adore and admire today did not dedicate their whole lifetime to seriousness but at some time or the other found a reason to live and that inspired them to seriously seek after the solutions of some of the major problems around them and for every solution they provided granted them a ticket on a journey to be reckoned with through their lifetime another solution another ticket with more benefits just like an arithmetic progression on and on it goes and soon they become world renowned stars and you adore them unconsciously some with the consciousness of a tangible impart or some other reasons and some without, just on and on unconsciously they adore this solution providers.images (26)

                 You see some solutions are temporary and some more long lasting than the rest, but once  you have the slightest idea of the right thing to do, don’t ask anymore questions just get straight down to work suppress all your external feelings and for that little period of time focus on what is before you. Remember there’s no solution without a problem, so just find where that last piece of solution needs to be fixed and get it fixed right away without anyimages (24)-further ado.

For this, all you need do is to equip yourself with the right tools so  as to fix in the missing cluesdownload (12)  to get the right solution as a matter of fact these tools include: your personal effort, an effective strategy and a good plan that would last you the whole process of problem solving. It’s not a big deal as it seems on the outside it’s all just the best of quality within a short period of time. This moment is of great value and worth because this opportunity appears only a few times in a season but the greatest of them all appears once in a lifetime a genuine reason why your commitment and dedication to inner reasoning and communion matters a lot at these very crucial time.

   Because, once you wear the crown of victory nobody can remove from your head (except God) as long as you really are already at the top. But, I tell you of all certainty that if you didn’t pay the correct/right price to get to the top, be watchful and vigilant because you soon will be overwhelmed by the effect of the unavoidable results, overthrown and that crown of victory could be gone forever to your dismay except you quickly rise up and take adequate precautions by doing the right thing a mistake is discovered. A single mistake is what takes a man of so much  accomplishments off the grounds of success and from the track of greatness. #Remember, the scar of a single mistake could last longer than a thousand good memories.   images (25) For example to turn a single problem in your head into a simple one all you have to do is to switch the letters ‘n’ and ‘g’ in the single problem to ‘m’ and ‘p’ and it becomes a mere simple problem and then you can easily solve the problem. Now, from that simple illustration the switching of letters signifies your mentality, so all you need do is to change the ‘n’s and the ‘g’s in your mentality to simply make you not only believe the fact but also understand the reality of how close the solution to any problem surrounding you is (#I mean just as close as your nose is before your eyes but you do not notice it all the time). Don’t just know that the solution is there work towards it because leaving table shady and untidy will only schedule your next meeting with a duly unkempt and untidy table (#procrastination doesn’t work it’s just a period of time give it all you’ve got. If not things/problems will continue to remain the same way they are).

 A clear analysis of plans, strategies and ideas is what forms a table and a table with a time is what forms #a ‘timetable’ or rather a plan template.

  A dream not worth achieving now is not worth considering later the saying goes…, but why? Because the time for it by the would be over. #Thenowiswhatcounts!

   A free hand is the one that scratches but a busy hand does not have a landing space.

  Don’t only think to create ideas instead create an avenue, an atmosphere for the inspiration of new ideas in the deep hours of solitude and inner peace which can best be found in,and has always been and will always be found in Jesus Christ. The one moment you find him the next moment your solutions begin to flow like streams in a dry dessert from only fountain of grace which is Jesus Christ himself. #Remember the solutions you provide is what matters so why not to the no. 1 solution generator/provider and have all of  your problems solved for free.



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