Who am I ?

Who am I? is the question you ask yourself when you suddenly wake up from a deep slumber of so many years wasted, good moments already lost to the air and when the door of opportunities begins close. Who am I? is still the great question. After so many deep thoughts, perhaps you begin to draw pictures in your head and begin to reach some reasonable conclusions:

Oh no I am dull and that’s not because I am meant to be so but because I have refused to      think, I have refused to think not because I don’t have a mind of my own but because I have refused to put it to use.

Oh, I am scared but not because I lack the power and strength to do exploits  but because I have taken fear as a mentality and it’s not because it is normal but because I have failed to discover my strengths but have focused on my weaknesses.

Oh, I have suffered lack of care, peace of mind, confusion, lack and want, grieve and pain all these because I have failed to accept Jesus into my life.

So why don’t you start it all anew by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and accepting him to be your one and only blessed LORD and savior today and discover who you really are.

#This is my Philosophy, so tell me, what’s yours?




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